A humorous image of a young man dressed as the finest example of a Scottish Volunteer Rifleman. He is armed to
the teeth with a bayoneted Enfield or Snider rifle, a pistol, a dagger, a saber, a toy or possibly an early air gun, a 17th
Century broadsword and a very formidable looking umbrella. He also sports a very fine set of fake whiskers.
Perhaps he was costumed for a theatrical production or was he having fun at the expense of a relative who served in
the volunteer.

The reverse of the card is just as curious. See below.

Carte de Visite
R. Daglish Jnr. - Photographer
Kilmardinny, Scotland
c. 1870
The reverse of the Carte mount bears what appears to be at first glance an abstract design but which in reality shows
the photographer's name and location. The design can be deciphered when the card is held edgewise and turned away
from the viewer. The stretched design becomes foreshortened and readable. I have recreated this effect by
compressing each view in Photoshop below. You could also see the effect for yourself by printing the reverse of the
card and viewing it on edge.