Highly unusual to say the least is this image of a young woman dress for the camera in the uniform of the 17th
Lancers. Although the uniform has been carefully fitted to her, it is obviously to large for her and must have
belonged to her  spouse or possibly her brother. The tunic seems to bear the ribbons for the Queen's South Africa
Medal and the King's South Africa Medal which would place it's taking sometime after 1902. Found with this
photograph was a small locket sized image of a young man of the 17th Lancers. On the reverse of the round hand
colored photograph is the pencil inscription: Reproduced in 1905 from photo taken at Aldershot 1900 A.L.C.

Cabinet Photograph
J. Austin & Co. - Photographer
176 Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham, England
Post 1902

Unmounted Round Copy Photograph
1 1/4 Inches in Diameter (approx. 3 cm)
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location - Original Taken at Aldershot