Cabinet Photograph
Wakefield - Photographer
1 High Street, Ealing, London,
c. 1902
Although photographed in London I have placed this superb photo in the Caribbean section simply because this veteran
Colour Sergeant is wearing the uniform of the West India Regiment. This regiment was quite picturesque and in many
ways was more in
keeping with French military uniform tradition than those usually associated with the British Army.

Interestingly this sergeant wears the 1896 India General Service Medal with one clasp (showing the medal's reverse side
in this photo) which indicates that he had transferred into the West India Regiment sometime after that date since the
West India Regiment never served on the Indian sub-continent. If the medal's clasp had been readable then perhaps the
it may have offered a clue as to this man's identity.

It is possible that this photograph was taken during the Coronation of Edward VII in 1901 and that this Sergeant was in
London as a representative of his regiment during the coronation. So far I have been unable to trace this sergeant. All of
the Colour Sergeants of the West India Regiment that I have found who took part in the 1901 Coronation were West
Indian born blacks of African descent and not European as this NCO obviously is.
It is possible that he was home on