Images of the the Queen, Her Family, Generals and Other Imperial Personalities
Queen Victoria & the Royal Family
Duke of York
c. 1890
William Ewart Gladstone
Benjamin Disraeli
Prince of Wales
c. 1889
Albert Victor
Duke of Clarence
c. 1890
Duke of Connaught
c. 1885
Queen Victoria
Field Marshals, Generals and Admirals
Sir Garnet Wolseley
c. 1885
Sir William Lockhart
c. 1895
Fredrick Sleigh Roberts
c. 1895
Herbert Horatio Kitchener
c. 1899
Charles George Gordon
c. 1880
Sir Hector MacDonald
c. 1899
William Earle
c. 1885
Robert Onesiphorous Bright
c. 1870's
George William Knox
c. 1870's
Frederick Augustus Thessiger
2nd Baron Chelmsford
c. 1870's
Sir Charles Warren
c. 1889
Archibald Berkeley Milne
and Autograph
c. 1918
Sir Ian Hamilton
c. 1910
Other Notable Soldiers & Personalities
Rudyard Kipling
and Autograph
c. 1900
H. Rider Haggard
and Autograph
c. 1900
Archibald Forbes
and Autograph
c. 1880
Captain Geoffrey Barton.
1st Battalion
7th Regiment of Foot
c. 1870s
Elizabeth Thompson
"Lady Butler"
and Autograph
c. 1870
Sir William Gatacre
c. 1899
Lord Charles Beresford
c. 1890
Sir Herbert Stewart
c. 1881
Field Marshall
John Fox Burgoyne
c. 1870
Douglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane
12th Earl of Dundonald
c. 1889
Gentleman Cadet
Harry Benn Borradaile
Later Brigadier General, DSO

Carte de Visite
c. 1878
Harry Benn Borradaile the eldest son
of A. A.  Borradaile (one source lists
his father as Harry) of the Bombay
Civil Service and the former Florence
Soden was born on 4 October, 1860. A
Gentleman Cadet at Sandhurst he was
commissioned in the King’s Own
Scottish Borderers (then the 25th
Foot) on 14 January 1880. He saw
active service with the KOSB in
Burma (1885-9) and took part in the
Sikkim Expedition (1889). He
transferred to the Indian Staff Corps
in 1884 then to the 32nd Sikh
Pioneers, Indian Army, in 1894 and
took part in the Chitral Relief
Expedition (1895) with the relief force from Gilgit. It was during this
action that he was wounded and received a Mention in Despatches
(London Gazette, 16 July 1895) for which he was later awarded the DSO.
Sir Redvers Henry Buller V.C.
60th Rifles
Kings Royal Rifle Corps
c. 1899
Horace Smith-Dorrien  
with Autograph
c. 1899
General Lord Chelmsford: [to Lt. Harford] Learn nothing from that Irishman, Harford, except how not to behave.
                                                                                                                                     from the 1979 film production of Zulu Dawn
Prime Ministers
Sir Drury Curzon Drury Lowe
c. 1885
Brigadier General
Cornelius Francis Clery
c. 1890
Lieutenant General
John Denton Pinkstone French
c. 1900
John Russell