Autographed and Inscribed Cabinet Photograph (Trimmed)
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location

Thomas Henry Gartside Neville (20 June 1837 – 19 June 1910) was one of 20 brothers and sisters born to John Neville. The elder Neville's children were from more than one marriage
with Thomas Henry's mother being Mary Anna Gartside.

Neville established a reputation as both an actor and theater manager. He performed on both sides of the Atlantic with equal success, moving with ease between leading and supporting

Married and with four sons, he died in Sussex on 19 June 1910, one day short of his 74th birthday.
Above: Henry Gartside Neville in the role of
Captain Temple during a Boston,
Massachusetts production of The Soudan.
Photo: The History of the Boston Theater:
Neville's chosen role in this photograph is uncertain. The title of the production was printed along the bottom of the
photograph's card mount, but much of this was trimmed off at some point, leaving only a hint as to the title of the depicted
production. In the photograph Neville appears costumed for a play possibly set during the Anglo-Boer War but the inscribed
1896 date precludes this possibility. I have been unable to find a comprehensive listing of parts played by Neville and the only
military role I can confirm he took was that of Captain Temple in
Human Nature (later titled The Soudan in Neville's
American appearances). While it is tempting to suggest that this photograph shows Neville in the role of Captain Temple, the
fragmentary caption on the card mount does not seem to support this and existing photos of him in the role show his costumed
in a more traditional manner in keeping with an actual British officer serving along the Nile River in the late 19th Century.

Dated 1896, this photograph is autographed by Neville and it is dedicated
"With all best wishes to A. Downs".