American Actor E. H. Sothern (Edward Hugh Sothern, 1859 - 1933) in
costume for his role as Captain Gregory in One of our Girls. The husband of
noted actress Julia Marlowe, Sothern and his wife were best known for
playing opposite each other in productions of such Shakespearian plays as
Romeo & Juliet.

Of special note is the Victoria Cross (Detail, right) that
Sothern wears on his costume. I have no information regarding replicas of
the Victoria Cross being produced at such an early date and under close
examination this "prop" appears to be an authentic cross. If this is so then
whose Victoria Cross was Sothern wearing? At this time actors were
responsible for their own costuming and props so this medal would have his
among his personal belongings. In another photograph of Sothern, again
portraying a British officer he wears not only this VC but also a Queen's
Egypt Medal and Khedive's Star all of which appear authentic.

Cabinet Photograph
Napoleon Sarony - Photographer
87 Union Square, New York, New York, U.S.A.
c. 1880's