Although lacking an any form of written information as to the identity of the subject, based upon the gestured pose and the painted sea coast
backdrop it is my guess that this actor may have been portraying Major-General Stanley in Gilbert & Sullivan's
The Pirates of Penzance.  

Interestingly if this is the case then he was not properly uniformed for the role as he is not wearing the uniform and rank insignia of a
Major-General. His tunic cuffs appear to be that of a Lieutenant but with additional "bullet hole" braid added to the outside edges and
completely encircling the Austrian Knot at the apex of the cuff. In addition there as a row of the same "bullet hole" braid  along the very top
edge of the tunic just below the collar. These may all have been theatrical embellishments. Nor is he carrying a general officer's pattern sword.

His medals are next to impossible to identify though the last one looks to be either the India Mutiny Medal or possibly the Second China War
Medal. The center medal may have been the India General Service Medal or another with similar suspender.

Carte de Visite
J. Frankland - Photographer
Strawberry Banks Villas, Preston, New Roads, Blackburn, England