Cabinet Photograph
Ted Brown - Photographer
Eastern Oregon, United States
c. 1900

The title of this photograph -
Buckaroos - is based on the location of where it was taken, apparently eastern Oregon. Although the evidence is scant, the photographer, Ted Brown seems
to have operated in central east Oregon in the areas around Pendleton, Fossil and Mitchell. The term buckaroo was derived from the Spanish word
vaquero and was used as a synonym
for cowboy in the Great Basin area of the west which encompassed northern Nevada, southern Idaho, northeast California and southeastern Oregon.

The two young men in the photograph are identified on the reverse side as Willie Ross and Willie Taylor although I have not been able to take their identities beyond their name at this
point. Little may be personally known about these men but their mode of dress leaves little doubt about their professions.

Willie Ross (on the left) wears shotgun style leather chaps while his boots are adorned with wide western style spur straps and California style spurs. Willie Taylor (right) has foregone
with the chaps but his well-worn canvas pants are tucked into his equally well-worn boots which like those of his companion are embellished with wide western style spur straps and
California style spurs. While both men seemed to have tried to look their best for the camera, their working-class origins is evident in the frayed edges of Willie Taylor's coat.

In a kind of homage to the then rapidly fading Wild West, both men are carrying small frame revolvers in the upper pockets of their jackets.