This c. 1880 carte de visite photograph depicts three western types and the varied dress commonly seen during the latter part of the frontier era. The man seated at right wears well-
worn cavalry style boots, a band collar shirt with garters holding up his sleeves, cut-off roper’s gloves and a broad-brimmed hat with the front turned up in a manner very commonly
seen at the time. The man seated at left while having dressed his best for the camera still belies his working class role with his slightly tattered canvas work pants – some large strings
can be seen hanging from the pants frayed cuffs. The third man standing center wears a nice suit of “store bought” clothes and sports what was probably a gold (or gold plated) watch
fob which hangs from the top button hold of his collared waist coat. Contrary to what Hollywood might have us believe his style of dress was probably the most common – at least for
photographic sessions – during the old west. The likes of Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Ike Clanton, John Wesley Hardin and Butch Cassidy all seem to have preferred being
photographed in the finest style possible and almost always with nary a six shooter in sight.

Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
United States
c. 1880