Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Western United States
c. 1880s

"Pards" is an old cowboy tern for "pardner" which itself was a corruption of the word "partner". It could refer to partners on the cattle drive or if they had taken to the "hootowl trail",
partners in crime. "Pard" could just as often have been used the way "buddy" or "pal" might have been employed at a later date - to describe a close friend.

Both men wear boots and working trousers that appear to be made of canvas like material. Both wear jackets and vests that contrasts with working nature of their lower attire. The man
at right also sports a tie. Both men wear "Boss of the Plains" style hats with the man on the right hat keeping its flat, store bought brim, while the man on the left has turned back the
front brim of his hat in high cowboy fashion.