A newly purchased 1/6th plate tintype photograph of what appears to be cowboy or similar western personality. The image is shown here removed from it brass mat and preserver
which allows the entire image to be seen. A faint outline of the ornate brass mat can be seen on the image which partially obscures the man’s figure. I suspect that the photographer
offset the image so that more of the painted backdrop would be visible. The packet (tintype, brass mat, cover glass and preserver) came housed in a very dilapidated leather covered
wood half case. I disassembled the packet in order to clean the cover glass which had 150 years of grime on both sides and clean off dust that had accumulated under it and on the
surface of the metal plate image itself. The case and style of mat/preserver combination would seem to date this image to the mid-1860s. Although no guns are visible there is a
possibility that this man was a Confederate guerrilla. As is very typical of tintypes, there is no photographer’s information anywhere on the image although the mat is embossed with a
manufacturer’s mark – “Waterbury Conn No.835”

Cased 1/6th Plate Tintype (Ferrotype)
Unknown Photographer
United States
c. 1865