Bank Check
8 inches by 3 3/8 inches (20.3cm x 8.7cm)
Citizens National Trust & Savings Bank
Los Angeles, California,  United States
June 30, 1948

What precisely does a bank check drawn on the personal account of noted American author Edgar Rice Burroughs have to do with the Old West you may ask? Perhaps best known as
the creator of the iconic fantasy/science fiction characters
Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, Burroughs did in fact spend a brief time at Fort Grant, Arizona Territory as a young trooper
with the storied 7th United States Cavalry.

Born in 1875, Burroughs' father, an influential former major in the Union Army, secured his son an appointment to West Point. Unfortunately the future author failed his entrance exam
and perhaps looking for a consolation prize chose to enlist in the army as a private. Assigned to one of the most desolate of army outposts at Fort Grant, Arizona Territory in May, 1896
and was posted to "B" Company of the 7th. Burroughs recounts his brief tenure with the 7th in detail in his autobiography. He despised his overweight commanding officer with the same
enthusiasm with which he despised garrison duty. Life at Fort Grant was in fact so tedious that Burroughs actually wrangled himself a place on a patrol even though suffering from a
bought of dysentery.

Burroughs and the rest of "B" Troop and a group of Apache scouts had been sent out in search of the infamous Apache Kid, himself a former army scout wanted for murder. "B"
Troop's sortie would ultimately prove fruitless and nothing was seen of the elusive Apache Kid. Regardless his expeditions failure and in spite of his lingering illness, Burroughs would
later take great pride in his days as a cavalryman in the quickly fading frontier. After less than a year in the 7th he was medically discharged due to a heart condition.

His experiences out of Fort Grant would be the inspiration for the initial setting of his
John Carter series of books as well his two well written novels of the Apache Wars, The War Chief
Apache Devil.