Mounted Photograph
10 3/8 Inches by 7 3/8 Inches
(26.5cm x 19cm)
Unknown Photographer
Western United States
December 1899

A study in duality, the double mounted photograph appears to depict a young man outfitted for two vastly different roles in his life. At left he is dressed in fine evening wear with high
white starched or celluloid collar and white tie. His jacket is of the dressy 'cut-away' style.  The right hand image shows him outfitted as a working cowboy. The brim of his hat is turned
up in the popular style. He wears pull over shirt with a three button placket, a corduroy coat, tweed trousers and broken in boots of fine quality, His hands are protected by well used
tight fitting ropers gloves and he casually holds his lasso or lariat At his waist is his gun belt and holstered revolver which appears to be of the double action variety although exact make
and model cannot be made out. His cartridge belt is worn with the buckle on the side under his jacket which may have been to allow quicker access to ammunition when worn under a

It has been suggested that thi syoung man may simply have been an actor costumed for theatrical performances but I tend to believe that each photograph shows his dressed as
required by the needs of his place in socitey. He could well have been a member of a well to do ranching family who's responsibilities included the exchanging of white glove for those of
leather as the need required.
Above: A detail of "Cousin Rudolph" dressed for a more formal social occasion.

Below: Rudolph fitted out for work on the range. In this detail it can be seen that his holster is of the flap variety and the flap has been pushed
behind the but of the revolver allowing the pistol to stand out better in the photograph.