Cabinet Photograph
W. Watson Robertson - Photographer
Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
August 1900

...attached to the strap. There seems to be room on the strap for two additional rounds which would have given this officer two
full reloads for his revolver  but why this number was chosen will never be known.

The second - and almost invisible feature - in a very faint line or scratch last runs across the middle of the image at a slight
diagonal. It did indeed appear as a scratch on the surface of the image but when viewed under magnification it turns out that
the line was the result of a cracked glass negative. The negative actually broke clean in half with the break being so clean
that the photographer was able to put the two pieces back together and print the image. One wonders if this officer ever even
noticed this slight defect in the image or if the photographer ever actually told him about it. One of the smaller mysteries of
the Anglo-Boer War.