Two outstanding cabinet portraits of a member of the City Imperial Volunteers taken in April, 1901 at Pretoria, South Africa
during the later part of the Anglo-Boer War. Each is inscribed on the reverse to Flo and Alf from Selby. I have made several
attempts to identify this soldier using this scant information with no success at this point. Additionally the pair photographs
were purchased for a source in British Columbia which may indicate that this soldier had family there or possibly moved
there at some point after the end of the Anglo-Boer War. I am glad that these two images remained together after entering
the collectors market since quite often such images or sold separately once broken as set can never be reunited.

Cabinet Photographs
James Lamb - Photographer
Pretoria, South Africa
April 1901
Left: The reverse side of one of the
above photographs show the
inscription to Flo and Alf from

Both images are inscribed in
virtually the exact same manner so
only one is show here. I have taken
his name to be Selby although it
might also be read as Selley.

Another hand added the date - again
the same on both photographs -
April 1901 to the lower left hand
corner of each image.