Although I have attributed the man in this cabinet photograph to the mounted infantry, he could very well have been a member of the Yeomanry or possibly (and quite likely) a trooper
of a South African constabulary unit. Completely unmarked at to location of photographer and in relatively poor shape (it looks as if it may have been carried by the man while on
campaign) the photograph's most interesting element is the man's walking out stick which looks to have been fashioned to resemble a traditional African fly swatter. What appears to
be horsehair has been carefully braided around the top of the stick in a rather splendid but overly long and not very function way.

Dating towards the end of the Anglo-Boer War or soon afterward. The photograph was probably taken by an itinerant or traveling photographer working out of s wagon based studio.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
South Africa
c. 1902