Images of Old Soldiers in their Life after Service
But we in it shall be remembered,
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
For he today that sheds his blood with me
shall be my brother; be he n'er so vile
for this day shall gentle his condition.
And gentlemen in England now abed
shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
and hold their manhoods cheap, whilst any speaks
that fought with us, apon St. Crispin's Day!

from Henry V
India/Anglo-Boer War Veteran
& Wife
Post 1902
2nd Afghan War/Egyptian/Sudan War
Veteran & Friend
c. 1890
Officer No. 244
Metropolitan Police
Anglo-Boer War Veteran
Post 1902
Corps of Commisionaires
Egyptian/Sudan War Veteran
c. 1880's
India Mutiny Veteran
c. 1880
India or Anglo-Zulu War Veteran
and Family
c. 1880s
Egyptian/Sudan War Veteran
c. 1890
Crimean War/India Mutiny
c. 1890's
Jelinger Symons
Royal Marine Light Infantry
c. 1900's
Henry A. Moriarty KCB
Royal Navy
and wife.
Christmas, 1888
Gwalior Campaign/Crimean War
c. 1860's
Peachy Carnehan: Home to what? A porters uniform outside a restaurant and six penny tips from belching civilians for closing cab doors on their blowzy women? Daniel Dravot: Not for us thank you. Not
after watching afghans come howling down out of the hills and taking battlefield command when all the officers bought it. Peachy Carnehan: Well said, brother Dravot

                                                                                                                                                                   from the John Huston film of the Rudyard Kipling story: The Man Who Would be King
Crimean War Veteran
& Grand Daughter
c. 1890's
Anglo-Boer War Veteran
& Wife
c. 1910
Egyptian/ Sudan War Veteran
& Family
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
c. 1900
Yeoman Warder
Kester  Knight
Tower of London
c. 1890
Corps of Commisionaires
Abyssinian War Veteran
c. 1880's
Anglo-Boer War Veteran
Yeoman of the Guard
Thomas Austin
Tower of London
c. 1895
Yeoman of the Guard
Herbert Winton Pamplin
Tower of London
c. 1908
Anglo-Boer War Veteran
& Wife
c. 1910
Anglo-Zulu War Veteran
"P. C. Stephens"
Leicester Police Constable
16th Lancers
Battle of Aliwal Veterans
Egyptian/Sudan War Veteran
5 Clasp Egypt Medal
c. 1880's
Matebele War/Anglo-Boer War
c. 1905
Chelsea Pensioner
William Adams

Former Private
50th Regiment of Foot
Last Surviving Holder of
the Gwalior Star

Real Photo Post Card
Wells - Photographer

c. 1914
This Real Photo Postcard
was bought as a souvenir on
20 May 1915 or so states
the ink inscription on the
card's reverse side.
Second China War
c. 1890
Canadian Veteran?

1/6th Plate Tintype (Ferrotype)
Unknown Photographer

c. 1880s
This "Man in Question" poses some
very interesting possibilities as to who
he may have been and where he may
have served.

Very little information regarding this
image is available other than that it is
a tintype image and that it was found
in upstate New York. That this man
was a veteran of at least one and
probably two of Queen Victoria's
campaigns is without question as
evidenced by the two campaign medals
he wears on his
right breast (more
about this later) and the possibility
seems likely that he may have been
Canadian or had this portrait taken in
Canada sometime after arriving in
that country.

The supposition of the image being...
Harry Myles
Anglo-Boer War and Great War Veteran
c. 1900 & c. 1940
Anglo-Boer War Veteran
Newcastle on Tyne
Early 1900s
Fenian Raid/Red River
c. 1914
2nd Afghan
War/Anglo-Boer War

Cabinet Photograph
Edward G. Brewis -

c. 1905
Having enrolled as member of the Corps of Commissionaires
after the expiration of his long service with the colours, this
unnamed former soldier had seen extensive active service
beginning in the late 1870s or early 1880s. He wears the medal
for the 2nd Afghan War with no clasps as well and the
Queen's South Africa Medal with five clasps and the King's
South Africa Medal with its usual two clasps.
2nd Afghan War/Egyptian War
Veteran and Family
c. 1900
Old India Veteran
c. 1890
Bearded Veteran
c. 1900s
Warder of His Majesty's Prisons

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer

Early 1900s
While there is nothing specifically in this
photograph that indicates this prison warder was
military veteran he certainly could have been -
he exhibits a certain military bearing in both his
pose and attitude. Additionally many a former
soldier would naturally have been attracted to
uniformed jobs with fire brigades, police forces
and as prison warders.  In his book,
and Edwardian Prisons
(Shire Books, 2006)
author Trevor May states:
“Many warders were
used to harsh discipline, having come from a
military background. In 1893 for example, 66 per
cent of applications for subordinate posts in local
prisons came from men with a background in the
Army or Navy, and a roughly similar percentage of
those actually appointed were of the same origin.”
Well Dressed
Boer War Veteran
Former Sergeant Charles Williams
2nd Battalion, the Rifle Brigade

Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer

c. 1917
Just how often are an soldier’s wartime experiences
so memorable that he ends up naming one of his
children after them? Probably not very, but this is in
fact the case with Sergeant No. 1499 Charles Williams
of the 2nd Battalion, the Rifle Brigade, pictured here
in bemedaled old age c. 1917.

Born on 19 January, 1836 in Dymock, Gloucestershire
to James William and his wife Anne, Williams
attested with the Rifle Brigade on 5 September 1855
and would see active service in both India and Africa
during his 19 years, 277 days of service with the

Williams’ service papers have not been found but a
summary of service as found in his discharge papers
helps recreate a snapshot of his years in active service.
Salvation Army Soldier/India Veteran
c. 1880s
Afghan and Egyptian War
Royal Mail Letter Carrier
Boer War Veteran
Mayor and Veteran
c. 1900
2nd Class Master Gunner
James Whittington
India and Afghanistan Veteran

Cabinet Photograph
Hudson & Co. Photographer

c. 1890
This man's military pedigree is
not in question. He wears the 2nd
Anglo-Afghan War Medal with
two clasps, the Kabul to Kandahar
Star and the 1854 India General
Service Medal with a single clasp.
The clasps on his medals are
blurred just enough to prevent
them being read, though one of
the two on his Afghan War medal
is in all likelihood "

Neither his army unit or his name
are known and it may very well
stay that way, but the question
presently at hand is to what
organization did he belong to
when this photograph was taken?
Sergeant Allan Kaye
Royal Artillery
Royal Mail Letter Carriers
Old Light Infantry Corporal
Crimean War Veteran
India Mutiny Veteran
wearing Regimental Badge
c. 1890s
Military General Service Medal

Half Cased 1/6th Plate Ambrotype

Unknown Photographer

c. 1850s
Dating from the middle of the 19th
Century, this half cased 1/6th plate glass
ambrotype photograph appears to have
immortalized a recipient of the Military
General Service Medal (MGSM) – a
retroactive award created in 1847 and
presented to surviving veterans of the
Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812.

The medal that this rather pleasant, although
unfortunately unidentified gentleman is
wearing appears to have at least five clasps
which would seem to have made him a
veteran of Wellesley’s Peninsular War
against Napoleon in Spain (1807–1814).

This medal along with its maritime
counterpart, the Naval General Service
Medal (NGSM) were the first true campaign
medals issued by the British Crown.  While
both the MGSM and the NGSM were very...
John Wright
India Veteran