Signed to an unidentified recipient  "HW. Pamplin Kings Body Guard" this cabinet photograph depicts Sergeant Major
of the Guard Herbert Winton Pamplin former Squadron Sergeant Major of the 8th (Kings' Royal Irish) Hussars.

Herbert Winton Pamplin was born on 11 September, 1861 at Winchester, Hampshire the son of James and Louisa
Pamplin. James Pamplin was a bookseller by trade.

Pamplin attested with the 8th Hussars on 19 September, 1877 at Aldershot under the alias of Herbert Lacey his
regimental number being 1988. He was described as being 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall with hazel eyes and dark brown hair.
In a letter contained in his service papers dated 5 September, 1879 he declared that he had attested under an
"incorrect" name and stated that his rightful name was in fact Herbert Pamplin, providing a baptismal certificate to the
recording magistrate as proof. No reason for enlisting under an assumed name was given.

Pamplin was promoted Lance Corporal on 22 September 1881 and rapid promotion followed:

Corporal - 2 April 1883
Lance Sergeant - 2 April, 1884
Sergeant - 30 March, 1885
Troop Sergeant Major - 24 December 1888
Squadron Sergeant Major - 24 June, 1893

His posting included:

Home: 19 September, 1877 - 15 December 1878
India: 16 December, 1878 - 31 January, 1880
Afghanistan: 1 February, 1880 - 30 May, 1880
India: 31 May, 1880 - 19 November, 1889
Home: 20 November, 1889 - 30 November, 1908

Pamplin served with the 8th Hussars until 8 August, 1901 when he transferred to the King's Own Norfolk Imperial
Yeomanry and discharged with the rank of Squadron Sergeant Major at his own request after more than 31 years
service on 30 November, 1908.

During the Afghan War, Pamplin would have been with the 8th when the regiment was sent to reinforce General
"Bobs" Roberts at Kabul in early 1881. The 8th Hussars made up part of the Khyber Line Force and was concerned
mainly with escort duties and guarding lines of communications. The regiment saw little action until 18 May when
serving under General Gib they were part of that force that attacked and defeated some 4000 Shinwari tribesmen at
Mazina. Pamplin would be awarded the Afghan War Medal (no clasps) for his service during the war.

Herbert Pamplin would be awarded the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal in January 1896 and would later receive a
£5 gratuity. He would also be presented with the 1902 Coronation Medal and the Royal Victorian Medal (silver).
Pamplin wears all four medals in the above photograph.

A World War One Medal Index Card show Pamplin being awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on 24 February,
1931. Interestingly the card lists Pamplin by his old rank of Squadron Sergeant Major in the 8th Hussars.  

Herbert Winton Pamplin was enrolled in First Division of the Yeomen of the Guard in 1908 as a Sergeant Major and
probably served until he reach the age of seventy sometime around 1931 at which time he would have become
supernumerary.  Based upon the number of autographed photographs of Pamplin that I have seen he must have been
something of a celebrity. All his the autographs are in the same fine script as seen on the above photograph and seem
to indicate a relatively high level of education prior to entering the service (although while with the colours he did
receive two certificates of education) and this may at least in part related to his father's trade as a bookseller.

Pamplin was married at least twice. He first married Miss Georgiana Hentrietta Begley, the daughter of James Begley
at Meerut, Bengal India on 4 January, 1886. They would have two children born in Meerut- Alfred Edward born on 7
December, 1886 and Bertie Victor born on 29 October 1887. Georgiana Pamplin would die at Redhill, Surrey on 13
June, 1894.

Herbert Pamplin would marry a second time on 22 September 1894 to Miss Louisa Frances Weeks. They would have at
least one child - Winifred Mary Louisa who was born on 5 July 1895.

Herbert Winton Pamplin died at Nelson Hospital, Merton, Surrey on 8 August, 1935 and left an estate worth some
£1272 to his widow Louisa Frances.

Cabinet Photograph
James Ball - Photographer
11 Wilton Road, Victoria Station, London, England
c. 1908