With a rather remarkable looking set of whiskers this dignified look old gentleman wears a single clasp medal denoting his
service in the Second China War of 1857-60. While faint, the Second China War Medal pattern ribbon can be discerned under
magnification. In many cases the Second China War Medal can be confused with the India Mutiny Medal in period photographs
since they both share the same style of suspender and clasps. Naturally with no name associated with the sitter in the image
there is no was of knowing if he was a soldier or a member of the Royal Navy in his younger years.

Cabinet Photograph
E. G Sadler - Photographer
10 Queen Street 14 St. John's Square, Cardiff, Wales
c. 1890
Above: A detail scan of this veteran's medal. The Second China War Medal ribbon's pattern of a center crimson field flanked by
yellow edges can just be made out.