Mounted Photograph (Trimmed)
4 3/8 Inches by 6 1/2 Inches
(11 cm x 16.5 cm)
W. O. Davenport - Photographer
76 Claremont Road
Moss Side, Manchester, England
c. 1900s

Identified in a pencil inscription as "
Uncle John Wright" on the photograph's reverses side,
this distinguished old veteran originally appeared to be wearing two medals. Under close
examination he is in fact wearing three (see detail at left). The first medal is clearly one of
the two India General Service Medals. The second medal may be the Edward VII Long
Service & Good Conduct Medal or less likely the Edward VII Army Meritorious Service
Medal. The third medal is to obscured to identify.

An examination of the rolls for the two India General Service Medals show over two hundred
men named John Wright being entitled to the medals. If the other medals this man is wearing
could be positively identified then perhaps a positive connection to a specific soldier could be
made. Research continues...