This veteran of the Egyptian campaigns poses with his wife and wears the two medal signifying his service to Queen & Country.
The medals are a relatively rare 5-clasp Egypt medal with the usual Khedive's Star. There is a very good chance that this old
soldier had during his days with the colours been a member of the Gordon Highlanders. While this is supposition and open to
other possibilities almost all of the 5-clasp medal that I have been fortunate enough to see were issued to that Scottish regiment.
If this is the case then the clasps on this man's medal could have been the following: Tel-el-Kebir, Suakin 1884, El-Teb-Tamaai,
The Nile 1884-85 and Kirbekan.

Carte de Visite
J. Barker - Photographer
20 FitzWilliam Street, Sheffield, England
c. 1900