This graying old soldier was a veteran of the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War and the Anglo-Egyptian War. The specific combinations of medals he proudly wears - the Afghan Was Medal with
three clasps, the Kabul to Kandahar Star, the Egyptian War Medal with a single clasp and the bronze Khedive's Star - may indicate that he was formerly a member of the 72nd
Highlanders. I have seen a number of quite similar medal groups which were issued to members of that regiment. In such cases the clasps on the Afghan War Medal were:
"Kabul" and "Charasia" and that on the Egypt Medal "Tel el Kebir".

The old soldier wears a uniform of some sort which is comprised on a dark (possibly blue) tunic, a black leather waist belt with an s-hook buckle and a visored cap. Although his uniform
is devoid of any badges or insignia it appears that he may have been that of a pensioner or perhaps a commissionaire.

The photograph is mounted in a folder style mount of a type that became popular in the early 1900s eventually replacing the venerable cabinet photograph. The folder could be closed to
protect the image and it could also be folded into an a-frame configuration to display the photograph.

Folder Mounted Photograph
Image Size - 3 7/8 Inches by 5 7/8 Inches
(10cm x 15cm)
Ross - Photographer
Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada
c. 1910s
Above: The photograph with its folder arranged as a display easel.