His uniform would be dark blue with red piping, the veteran gunner of the Royal Artillery has seen his fair share of service by
the time he had his photograph taken by Albert J. Vandall of the Vandall Studios in Rhode Island.

On his sleeve her wears two Good Conduct stripes just above his cuff braid. Above these he has the crossed cannons and
crown badge for 1st Class Gunner and above this the a wreath with the letter L in script for qualified gun layer.

On his tunic he wears the following medals for service in Kitchener's Omdurman Campaign in the Sudan and the Anglo-Boer
War in South Africa: the Queen's Sudan Medal, the Queen's South Africa Medal with three clasps, the King's South Africa
Medal with its usual two clasps and the Khedive's Sudan Medal with one clasp.

The precise circumstances surrounding the taking of this photograph will probably never be known.

Mounted Photograph
8 Inches by 6 Inches
(20.3cm x 15.2cm)
Vandall Studio - Photographer
Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
Early 1900s