This cabinet photograph of a yon girl in full Highland regalia was original bought online as a gift for a friend. Upon
receiving it and under close examination this young lady was revealed to be wearing the 1877-79 South Africa Medal -
which is commonly referred to as the Zulu War Medal.  The girl is identified on the reverse in pencil. Her first name is
possibly "Frances" with her last name appearing to be "Gilbertlee". If this is the correct spelling perhaps the name of
the original owner of the medal (her father? Grand father?) can be determined.

Cabinet Photograph
R. Lees - Photographer
Wicklow, Ireland
c. 1900
Above: Although blurred this enlargement of the girls medal clearly makes it out to be the single clasped 1877-79
South Africa Medal. The small Zulu war shield can just be made out beneath the drinking British lion and the protea
shrub behind.
Above: The pencil inscription on the reverse side of the photograph's card mount.