Cabinet Photograph (Signed)
The American Studios - Photographer
107A & 120B, Bold Street, Liverpool
Conway Street, Birkenhead
c. 1900

Alfred Wellesley was born in London, England on 25 July 1872. Very little biographical information has been found regarding his life. Originally a stage actor, he successfully made the
transition to film and appeared in screen roles until the late 1930s. He passed away at Hinxton, Cambridgeshire on 7 December 1943.

Standing five feet, six inches tall, Wellesley made a passable Napoleon. Given that Wellesley's surname (whether real or adopted) was the same as Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of
Wellington, it is more than a little ironic that Wellesley is memorialized in this photograph playing Napoleon Bonaparte. The irony is in fact so thick that it must have been quite obvious
to all those involved.

Wellesley signed the photograph to an unknown recipient: "
Yours always, Alfred Wellesley". The photograph's reverse side bears a cryptic inscription: "For ever + for ever. Alf."