Cabinet Photograph
G & A Barber - Photographer
East Africa

I do not believe that Charlie was a member of a regular British Army unit since I don't think any were stationed in British East Africa at the time.

Although inscribed in East Africa, I have been unavle to otherwise localise the photograph. A search for the photographic firm of G. & A. Barber has so far turned up nothing. The firm's address is only partially readable due to damage to the edge of the card mount. What can
be made out appears to read:
Arcade and Wath Rd., ***xboro' . This address could be in Mexboro' (Mexborough) South Yorkshire which does have a Wath Road. If the photographer was located in South Yorkshire then the photograph may have been a duplicate. A long
perusal of a period map of British East Africa failed to turn up a similarly named locality. The photograph appears to have originally been taken in East Africa. The corrugated iron shed behind Charlie is typical for colonial Africa at the time and a native black African appears
to be standing next to it.
Left: Charlie's holiday dedication to Bertha.