A carte de Visite of Private William Beattie (Unknown Regiment) of Brighton, Sussex, England. Pictured with his servant, it is
impossible to say to which regiment or battalion that Beattie belonged to do to the lack of detail in the image.

While I have been unable to determine Beattie's regiment I believe that he was the son of William and Kate Beattie, born in
March of 1864 in Brighton, Sussex, England. His father was a ship builder and in 1881 our William was listed as a Baker's
laborer. He would seem to have performed his "short" military service between 1881 and 1891 which is fitting with the date on
the reverse of the photograph. Back in England by 1891 his was listed in the census as a general laborer. By 1901 he is shown
living back in Brighton and being married and employed as a mineral water factory machine worker. He was married to Ellen
Brown in 1895.

Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
Bombay, India