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opaldas B. C. - Photographer
arachi, India (Pakistan)

Wearing the 2nd Afghan War Medal and the bronze Kabul to Kandahar Star, this Indian sepoy was a veteran of hard campaigning during the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War of 1878 - 1880.

As his gun-bronze star medal indicates he participated in General Roberts 320 mile forced march relief of besieged Kandahar. His regimental affiliation is uncertain. A previous collector
identified him as being a member of the 24th Regiment (Punjab) Bengal Infantry but supplied no additional information confirming this connection.

The 24th Punjabis did take part in the march to Kandahar as did a number of other Anglo-Indian units. These included the 23rd Regiment (Punjab) Bengal Infantry (Pioneers), the 2nd
(Prince of Wales' Own) Gurkha Regiment (Sirmoor Rifles), the 2nd Regiment Sikh Infantry, the 3rd Regiment Sikh Infantry, the 5th Gurkha Regiment (Hazara Gurkha Battalion), the
15th Bengal Infantry (Loodianah Sikhs), the 25th Regiment (Punjab) Bengal Infantry, and the 4th Gurkha Regiment. A number of Anglo-Indian Cavalry units also took part in Roberts
march but this rather fierce looking soldier does not appear to be a member of a mounted unit.