This early Edwardian photograph depicts a private of the 1st Battalion, the York & Lancaster Regiment from sometime around 1905. He wears an early 20th Century pattern scarlet
tunic that revived some elements of the 1877-81 pattern tunic such as the trefoil cuff braid and piped shoulder straps. His white foreign service helmet which rests on the studio chair in
front of him is of a transitional pattern with a flattened and extended rear peak. Eventually the sides and front peak of the helmets would be extended as such and become known as
the Woseley pattern. He wears to good conduct stripes signifying at least 5 years exemplary service. His lion and rose collar badges of the York & Lancasters are clearly visible and
the 1st Battalion was stationed at various Indian posts between 1902 and the beginning of the Great War.

Cabinet Photograph
Wiele & Raina - Photographers
Agra & Naini Tal, India
c. 1905