This late 19th Century cabinet photo depicts what appears to be members of an Indian volunteer corps. The three men and young bugler may have possibly been members of the same
family.  The oldest gentleman standing at right wears a medal on his right breast which may be a life saving medal. The young bugler (or drummer) is armed with what appears to be
1857 pattern drummer's short sword which was standard with regular British forces. The corporal at left is armed with a Martini Henry rifle and wears a volunteer pattern marksman
or sharpshooters qualification badge on his left cuff. Unfortunately the unit title on his belt plate can not be read even under magnification. The seated officer's collar badges seem to
conform to those of East Coast Rifle Volunteers. The badge consisted of a circular bugle surmounted by a crown with the ECRV cypher in the center. While the photograph may depict
members of the same family, some may have been members of different units.

Cabinet Photograph
Fred Ahrlé & Company - Photographer
Bombay, Madras & Bangalore, India
c. 1890s
Below Left: A detail of the above officer's collar badges. Below Right: The collar badge of the East Coast Rifle Volunteers. These collar badges cab be found
with several different crown styles. Image Source:
Peter Taylor Militaria.