Staff Sergeant Henry James Ballard Paish of the 19th (St. Giles & St. George) Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps.
Paish seems to have been something of a good shot if you take into consideration the number of marksmanship
badges and medals on his sleeve - the wearing of which would not have been permitted by the Regulars.
Sergeant Paish is identified by an inscription on the reverse of the photograph.

Henry J. B. Paish was born in 1851 in Marylebone, London the son of Henry and Harriet Paish. In 1871 the senior
Henry was listed as a coachman while Henry James was by this time a 19 year old general clerk. On 18 October,
1880 he married Miss Caroline Robinson at St. Mary the Boltons, West Brompton. In 1881 he was working as a
solicitors clerk. By 1901 he had two children, Henry M. R. Paish and Doris G. Paish.

I have found but one reference to Paish's career with the Volunteers. In the 1882-83 edition of the Army & Navy
Calender: Colour Sergeant  Paish of the 19th Middlesex is shown winning a £5 Glen Albyn prize at the 1891
Wimbledon shooting match.

Henry James Ballard Paish died in 1930 in Battersea.

Cabinet Photograph
Lock & Whitfield - Photographer
178 Regent Street, W. and Ealing, England