Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Great Britain
c. 1890s

earing the kilted highland uniform of an officer of the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), Richard Hugh Lambart Brickenden was born on 2 November 1845 in Canada to Major
Richard Thomas William Lambart Brickenden of the 71st Regiment of Foot (the Highland Light Infantry) and Robina Gordon. Seeming educated at Sandhurst, Brickenden was
commissioned an ensign in the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) on 18 July 1865. His promotions followed:

Lieutenant - 11 January 1867
Captain - 29 September 1877
Major - 25 July 1883
Lieutenant Colonel - 11 July 1892
Colonel - 11 July 1896
Commander 42nd Regimental District - 24 May 1898

Research results on Brickenden have been rather sparse. He took part in the Ashantee Expedition of 1873, being entitled to the Ashantee Medal (no clasp). He appears to have be
seconded away from his battalion at the time of the Anglo-Egyptian War and the Nile Expedition as Instructor of Military Topography at the Royal Military College between 1881 and
1885. He retired on 2 November 1902.

No record og a marriage or children have been found. He died at London on 4 December 1914.