A fine late Victorian portrait of Lieutenant R. E. Martin of the Leicestershire Regiment in "Walking Out" dress. I
have been unable to turn up any information regarding Martin's military service trough the usual searches of
British archives which may be due to possibility that his career continued on past 1920. Records after that date are
still closed. Recently I came across a few refernces to Martin in the
Times of London and The London Gazette:

Lieutenant, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment - September 190?
1st Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment - 16 July, 1902
Captain, 5th Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment - 25 September, 1908
Captain/Instructor of Musketry, 5th Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment - 10 June, 1910
Major, 5th Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment - 19 March, 1913

I have found reference to him serving during World War One with the 1/4th Battalion and 1/5th Battalion of the
Leicestershire Regiment at Ypres in 1915. He was second-in-command of the 1/5th and later assumed command of
the 1/4th.


I have finally uncovered R. E. Martins full name. This took a bit of doing since even his World War I medal card
listed him by his first two initials as did several news paper articles.

The following information is from a memorial plaque in St. George's Chapel at St Martin's Cathedral, Leicester:

Edmund Martin

In memory of Lieut-Colonel Edmund Martin CMG TD VL JP MH LLD
Served with the 5th Battalion 1908-1915. Commanded 4th Battalion 1915 until badly wounded. During his 36
years as Chairman of The Leicestershire County Council he gave outstanding help to the Regiment. Died 12th
June 1961.

Robert Edmund Martin was born on the first day of December 1874. Educated at Eaton and Kings College
Cambridge, he became the managing director of a granite mining company.
In the World War I he served in France and Belgium where he was twice wounded and twice mentioned in
dispatches. In 1916 he was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of the county and, in 1949, Vice Lieutenant of
Leicestershire. Chiefly responsible for the fund raising for the restoration of the bishopric, in 1926 he was a
member of the House of Laity of the National Assembly of the Church of England as well as a lay canon of
the Cathedral. He was a member of the County Council for over fifty years, 36 as chairman. In 1955, on his 80th
birthday over 1,000 school children took part in a pageant in his honour. Granted the Freedom of Leicester in
1960; Sir Robert died in Loughborough Hospital a year later, aged 86.

Martin was born on 1 December 1874 to Robert F. and Henrietta S. Martin in Whitehaven, Cumberland. He
married Ethel Laura Brooks on 19 November 1925.

One interesting if minor fact that I have uncovered was a passenger manifest for the The East Asiatic Company
SS Canada which listed Robert Edm. Martin, Justice of the Peace and Ethel Laura Martin of Loughborough as
passengers. The ship departed Vancouver, British Columbia with stops in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Kingston and St Thomas arriving in London, England on 2 November, 1937.  

Cabinet Photograph
The Photographic Art Company - Photographer
92 Queens Road, Bayswater, W.,  England
c. 1900's
Martin is mentioned in the 1935 book Footprints of the 1/4th Leicestershire
Regiment - August 1914 to November 1918
by John Milne:

"He was a big man, but a thin man;  he never looked very well and
probably never felt very well;  he wore spectacles and a big fair moustache;  
he spoke highbrow English in a high-pitched voice;  he called a dead cow a
'vociferous heifer,' and a tin mug a 'drinking receptacle'; but he knew how
to build dug-outs;  he understood the bonding of sandbags, he procured
timber from unlikely places and corrugated iron and tarred felt as if by
sleight of hand.  He thought of everything and everybody except possibly
himself;  he never appeared to be put out;  he seldom 'straffed'; but he
expected much and his expectations were generally realised.  He was the
best all-round soldier in the battalion, and the battalion knew it and only
got annoyed with him when he exposed himself to danger unnecessarily,
which was one of his habits."

The photo at left is from the book and shows Lieutenant-Colonel R. E.
Martin, C.M.G, T.D., D.L. c. 1915
Lieutenant R. E. Martin in Patrol Jacket (Signed)

Cabinet Photograph
The Photographic Art Company - Photographer
92 Queens Road, Bayswater, W.,  England
c. 1900's
Lieutenant R. E. Martin in Civilian Dress

Cabinet Photograph
Stilliard & Co. - Photographer
Oxford,  England
c. 1900's