Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Great Britain
c. 1902

As is so often the case there is a tantalizing amount of information it this photograph as to the regiment to which this soldier belonged but it is just faint enough to prevent positive
identification. In any event this photograph is an excellent character study of a late Victorian - early Edwardian era British solider. The badge on his right sleeve denotes him as a
regimental drummer. It interesting to note that he has chosen to wear his khaki field service uniform for walking out. A generation earlier this would have been unheard of. The uniform
is carefully pressed and his polished boot, walking out stick and dark blue field cap adding a touch of formality. He wears the ribbon for the Queen's South Africa Medal. The
photograph may have been taken not long after his return home from the Anglo-Boer War. Apparently taken at the soldier's home other interesting details in the picture are the cactus
and moors head sculpture to the drummer's right.