An outstanding character study of Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Sir Francis Commarty the 1956 film production of Jules Verne's
Around the World in 80 Days. I do not believe that any specifics regarding Hardwicke's character's military career are
mentioned in the film. While the last medal ribbon he wears appears to possibly be that of the 1892-95 India General Service
Medal the others do not appear to be of any logical choices for a soldier of Sir Francis Commarty's assumed military
experience. The first medal ribbon could actually be that of the St Johns Ambulance Brigades Medal of South Africa. His
rank insignia - three garter stars and a crown - do not match that of actual British Army ranks from the period in which the
film takes place.

Black & White
Publicity Still
8 inches by 10 inches (28cm x 18cm)
United Artists/Michael Todd Company
United States