Ronald Colman in the role of Dick Heldar in William A. Wellman's 1939 film adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's first novel
The Light That Failed

Colman portrays a war correspondent/artist who is wounded during a battle in the Sudan and slowing loosing his sight as
a result of the wound dedicates himself to painting one last masterpiece.

The battle in that takes place early in the film in which Colman's character is wounded actually bears more of a
resemblance to the Battle of Ulundi during the Anglo-Zulu War than one fought in the Sudan during the Nile Campaign.
A British column of infantry, artillery and cavalry (curiously uniformed as 17th Lancers) is attacked by Mahdist forces.
During the course of this battle Heldar is wounded and as the Mahdists expend themselves the British square opens
and the lancers emerge and ride down the fleeing enemy.

Black and White Publicity Photo
8 inches by 10 inches (28cm x 18cm)
Paramount Pictures
United States