Robert Ryan as Inspector William Gannon of the Northwest Mounted Police in the 1961 production of The Canadians. This film
follows what seemed to be a common Hollywood thread in that it revolves around the stalwart Mounties dealing with an even
hand the Sioux under Sitting Bull who fled into Canada after their defeat of Custer at Little Big Horn.

The opening crawl of the film sets the tone of this film:
"This is the story of the men of the Northwest Mounted Police who
through their never ending Devotion to God: Queen and Country have become the "Guardian of the Right" throughout the
world. This story is but one episode in the history of the force "where three Gallant men faced the entire Sioux nation."

This photo was taken during a break in the films shooting - a production staff member can be seen in the background.

Sepia Toned Publicity Photo
8 inches by 10 inches (28cm x 18cm)
20th Century Fox
United States