This superbly conditioned "other ranks" tunic was produced by Western Costume Company of Hollywood, California and
used in the filming of the 1940 Paramount Pictures/Cecil B. DeMille production of
North West Mounted Police which starred
Gary Cooper, Preston Foster, Paulette Goddard, Robert Preston and Madeleine Carroll. This specific tunic was worn by actor
Jack Luden who played Constable Douglas.

Several styles of tunic were worn by the actors who portrayed members of Canada's storied North West Mounted police in
the film. Senior NCOs such as Sergeant Jim Brett portrayed by Preston Foster wore similar tunics but which featured twisted
gold shoulder cords instead of the narrow shoulder straps as in the example.

As was the case with most costumes produced by Western Costume Company, these tunics were reused in many other films
including the 1961Twentieth Century Fox production of
The Canadians.
Left: The back side of the tunic showing the
careful craftsmanship that went into these
early big budget Hollywood film costumes.
Attention to detail, use of materials and
overall workmanship is at least equal to that
exhibited in actual Canadian issued tunics.
Above: As was typical in Western Costume
Company's products of the time, real
Canadian General Service buttons were used
on these tunics. Even though details such as
this would probably never be seen by the
viewing public, their inclusion illustrates that
no expense was sparred during the filming of
A-List productions.
Above: Once again illustrating the extremely high quality of these film tunics, the inside features a full quilted linen lining of
the tunic's body and sleeves fully lined in satin. The tunic itself is made from military uniform quality wool fabric.
Right: A screen shot from North West
Mounted Police showing actor Robert
Preston as Constable Ronnie Logan
wearing a tunic identical to that one
pictured above. Opposite Preston is
Paulette  Goddard as the Metis "femme
fatale" Louvette Corbeau.  
Left: The Western Costume Company label named to actor
Jack Luden who portrayed Constable Douglas in North West
Mounted Police.

Jack Luden (1902-1951) had a career as an up and coming
leading man in the 1930s having been classmates at the
Paramount Studios acting school with Thelma Todd and
Charles 'Buddy' Rogers. Impulsive to a fault his promising
careers was cut short after he became addicted to heroin.
He found himself relegated to supporting roles and low budget
productions (his portrayal of Constable Douglas in North
West Mounted Police went uncredited in the film). His star
continued to fade as he turned to petty crime and drug dealing
to support his habit. He died in 1951 at the age of 49 of a
heart attack while serving a sentence for check forgery at
California's San Quentin State Penitentiary
Right: Actor Jack Luden as he was seen by the film
going public. Interestingly his portrayal of
Constable Douglas in North West Mounted Police
was not his first as a 'Mountie". He also played the
part in a small role in the classic 1939 Shirley
Temple film Susannah of the Mounties.
Left: An additional name appears on the tunic's quilted
lining. It is faded to the point of being almost unreadable but
the first name appears possibly to be "Bob" with the last name
appearing to start with the letter "E". An extensive search of
the Internet Movie Database has not turned up any
possibilities as to this actor's actual identity or the production
in which the tunic was used.