Mick Jagger here in his portrayal of the Australian bush ranger Ned Kelly from the 1970 Tony Richardson production of
Ned Kelly. The other actor pictured is I believe Allen Bickford in the role of Ned's brother Daniel "Dan" Kelly. Both
men are disguised in the uniforms of the Victoria Police.

This film aroused a bit of controversy in Australia due the casting of an Englishman (Jagger) to portray one of Australia's
iconic anti-heroes and because the film was shot in New South Wales while the actual events took place in Victoria.

In any event the film was eventually disowned by both director Tony Richardson and the film's star Mick Jagger both of
whom refused to attend the film's premier in London.

Black & White Production Still
8 inches by 10 inches (28cm x 18cm)
Woodfall/United Artists
Great Britain