An original Highlanders costume tunic used during the 1939 filming of George Stevens great classic Gunga Din.
Two types of khaki Highlanders tunics where used in the filming of
Gunga Din. One type seen is the more traditional
style with fully rounded front skirts. The second type - this is such an example - have a more unusual squared cutout
just under the bottom button. This specific type can be seen being worn by the bugler who stands in the center of the
scene during Gunga Din's funeral at the end of the film.

Additional research has shown that these same tunics where used in the 1937 John Ford/Twentieth Century Fox
production of
Wee Willie Winkie that starred Shirley Temple and Victor McLagen.

Original King's Crown General Service buttons where used on this costume.

Movie/Film Costume
Sam Benson - Wardrobe (
Wee Willie Winkie)
Produced by Western Costume Company
originally for
20th Century Fox (
Wee Willie Winkie)
Re-used by RKO Radio Pictures (
Gunga Din)
Hollywood, California, United States
c. 1937-39