A five button other ranks frock used in the filming of the 2002 adaptation of A.E.W. Mason's The Four Feathers.

Made from a heavy velour type material that looks like wool serge on screen this costume is a relatively accurate
rendition of a 1881 pattern other ranks frock. The regiment featured in the film is the fictitious Royal Cumbrian
Regiment and the costume designer correctly chose dark blue cuff and collar facings as where specified in army
regulations for all royal regiments. The frock's five large buttons are solid cast brass replicas of Queen Victoria Crown
general service buttons while the two shoulder strap buttons or genuine King's Crown general service buttons.

This specific example is heavily distressed by the costume shop for use in the battle scenes of the film. The body of the
frock has been faded to a reddish orange and the dark blue cuffs and collar to a purplish blue.  

If as much attention to overall historical accuracy had been applied to the rest of the film - namely script - then perhaps
this the most recent version of
The Four Feathers might have turned out to be perhaps not a classic like Korda's 1939
version but certainly a much better film than it ended up being.

Movie/Film Costume
Ruth Myers - Costume Designer
Produced by Angels, The Costumiers
The Four Feathers (2002)
Paramount Pictures/Miramax Pictures
Great Britain