A short stable jacket or shell jacket-type tunic used in the 1936 Michael Curtiz/Warner Brothers film production of
The Charge of the Light Brigade which starred Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Donald Crisp, Patrick Knowles, Nigel Bruce and
David Niven.

This style of tunic was worn by the fictional 27th Lancers during the first part of the film which takes place along India's Northwest
Frontier prior to the Crimean War. The lancers wear blue dress uniforms in the second half of the film which takes place in the

This tunic would have originally had twisted gold shoulder cords and most likely King's Crown general service buttons but these
were removed/replaced when the tunic was re-used in another later production. These same tunics were re-used during the filming
of John Wayne's 1960 production of
The Alamo where they were used as part of the costumes for Mexican militia troops. This
may have been when the shoulder cords and British general service buttons were removed and replaced.

These same tunics may have been used in the filming of
King of the Khyber Rifles (1953) that starred Tyrone Power and Bengal
(1956) that starred Rock Hudson.

Movie/Film Costume
Produced by Western Costume Company
originally for
Gunga Din - Warner Brothers
Mary Dery, Henry Taylor and  Henry West - Wardrobe (
Gunga Din)

Re-used by The Alamo Co./Batjac Productions (
The Alamo)
Hollywood, California, United States