Images of Soldiers On Leave and with Their Families
Unidentified Rifleman
c 1900s
Unidentified Driver
Army Service Corps
c. 1900s
Sergeant Instructor & Bride
1st Battalion
The Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
c. 1894-97
Royal Artillery Gunner
Twin Sister
c. 1890s
"Bert and Winnie"

Cabinet Photograph
J. Dunn - Photographer
c. 1900
Unidentified Corporal
17th (The Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers
c. 1902-05
Dressed in the uniform of the Imperial
Yeomanry, Corporal Bert is pictured with
his wife Winnie who also appears to be
ready to head out on campaign against the
Boers. She wears the same type of slouch
hat as he does, has in what all probability
his bandoleer draped across her shoulder
and holds a small caliber pistol. Her heavy
skirt appears to be made of the same wool
fabric as Bert's uniform. She looks more
intimidating than he does!

Bert's uniform insignia are all the
"Prince of Wales Plume" type that were
used by many Imperial Yeomanry units.
Because this photograph was taken in
Hertfordshire it is possible that Bert was a
member of the Hertfordshire Imperial
Grenadier Guards Bandsman
with Wife and Deceased Infant
c. 1870
Veteran Army Service Corps Sergeant
Cabinet Photograph
A&G Taylor - Photographer
c. 1885
Sergeant R. H. Green?
Royal Army Medical Corps
c. 1905
Corporal Edgar James Newman of
the Royal Artillery with his wife
Elise Ruth and daughter Eva Emily

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
c. 1889
The following section showcases
seven carte de visites and cabinet
photographs of Edgar J. Newman of
the Royal Artillery and his family.

No. 23119 Edgar James Newman, R.A.
was born around 1854 at Falmouth,
Cornwall being the son of John
Newman and Adelaide Macklin.

Sometime prior to 1861 the family
removed to Toronto, Canada where
there may have been other family
members already residing. In 1870
Edgar James Newman along with his
parents and three siblings where living
in the town of Greece which is located
in Monroe County, New York. On 15
September 1874 Edgar James Newman
married Anne Agnes Mayne in
Toronto, Canada. Edgar Newman’s
profession is listed as a contractor on
the marriage record.
Royal Artillery Gunnery Instructor
and Family
c. 1870
Acting Sergeant Major/Musketry Instructor
1st Battalion, the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
c 1890
Seaman Gunner
Henry Stephen Walker
Royal Navy
Private Frederick Thomas Walker
7th Hussars

Cabinet Photograph
D. J. Eddy - Photographer
c. 1901
Seaman Gunner Henry Stephen Walker of the
Royal Navy and his younger brother Frederick
Thomas Walker of the 7th Hussars posed together
posed for this cabinet photograph at their
hometown of St. Leonard’s on Sea, Hastings
sometime around 1900.

The brothers were two of at least nine children
born to William Edmund Walker and Charlotte
Emily Blaker with Henry being born around 1878
and Frederick about 1880.

At the time this photograph was taken Henry had
been in the Royal Navy long enough to have
become a qualified Seaman Gunner the badge for
which he wears on his right sleeve. Unfortunately,
his cap is not to be seen in the photograph and it
inclusion may have shed light on which ship he was
serving at the time.

19-year-old Frederick Thomas Walker attested
with the Corps of Hussars of the Line at his
hometown on 16 March 1899 and was immediately
assigned to the 7th Hussars as Private No. 4628.
Royal Artillery Gunner
Father and Grandfather
c 1900s
Colour Sergeant
James Hames
11th Foot/the Devonshire Regiment
and Family

Carte de Visite
Hastings Brothers - Photographer
c. 1882
Private and Female Relation
1st Battalion, the South Wales Borderers
c 1900s
Private and Wife
1st Battalion, the Derbyshire Regiment
(Sherwood Foresters)
c 1899
Reclining Soldier
and Family
c 1870
Private John Stead & Family
The Queen's Royal (West Surrey) Regiment
Royal Home Counties Reserve Regiment
Unidentified Officer
c 1860s
Soldier Shaking Hands
with Brother
c 1900
Three Privates
Army Service Corps
Volunteer Battalion
49th (Hertfordshire, Princess
Charlotte of Wales) Regiment of Foot
and Wife