Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
Great Britain
c. 1860

An early carte de visite of a British officer and his two daughters. He wears the 1856 pattern single breasted tunic which bears single garter star rank badges on his collar. At the time
the single star could represent either the rank of major or ensign. The viewer can decide if this officer looked old enough to be a major. The photograph appears to have been taken
outdoors, possibly outside the officer's home. At first glance the two girls might be taken for twins given their identical dresses but on closer inspection the girl on the left looks to be the
older of the two. Her feet rest firmly on the ground while only the toes of her sibling touch the ground. The elder girl also steals the show with a look of extremely profound displeasure
on her face. She certainly looked like she wanted to be anywhere but in front of the camera.