No. 30408 Gunner Douglas Reid was born about 1839 in the town of Benburb, County Tyrone, Ireland the son of John Reid of
Curragh, Ireland.

He attested as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery making his mark at 11:00 AM on 22 February 18, 1858 receiving a bounty of
three shillings.  Prior to his enlistment Reid served in the militia as a Private (No. 775) in the Royal Tyrone Fusiliers having
enrolled on 17 January, 1856. At the time that his militia release documents were signed he stood five feet, seven and three quarter
inches tall with hazel eyes and brown hair.

Like so many other soldiers of his period Douglas Reid’s military career was spotted at best. In fact his service records are hard to
read simply because of the number of entries made in them – many of them bad.  He is shown as being in “cells” at least three
times  – the first time for unspecified reasons on 24 July 1863, the second time for desertion while stationed in Melbourne, New
South Wales, Australia on 12 April 1864 and once again for unspecified reasons on 2 November, 1867.  Perhaps he tried to turn
over a new leaf as he was granted Good Conduct Pay on 11 April, 1870 only to forfeit it on 16 January, 1871.

That elusive new leaf appears to have finally stayed turned since after 1873 his records remain clean and he had his Good Conduct
Pay was restored to him on 25 April 1879 and receiving further Good Conduct Pay on 25 April, 1881. Reid’s service time forfeited
as the result of his conviction for desertion was restored to him on 25 April, 1882.

All told Douglas Reid served a total of 24 years, 225 days with the colours although he was never promoted and remained at his
attestation rank of Gunner for the entire term of his enlistment.

Reid was a member of the 15th Brigade, Royal Artillery while he was station at Gibraltar.

Reid’s service deployments included:

Home: 23 February to 7 August, 1861
Victoria, New South Wales: 8 August, 1861 to 18 October, 1868
Gibraltar: 14 October, 1868 to 30 April, 1880
Home: 1 May, 1880 to 5 October, 1882

In this carte de viste photograph Gunner Douglas Reid is shown wearing the distinctive sash of the Ancient Order of Foresters.
This “Friendly Society” provided for support – financial and otherwise – for its members when they were in need.

Carte de Visite
Cavilla & Burzon - Photographer
Main Street, Gibraltar
Early 1870's
Above: A detail of Dougals Reid's carte de visite showing
the distinctive Ancient Order of Foresters sash.
Above: The reverse of the above carte
de visite showing the period inscription
identifying Gunner Douglas Reid.