The subject of this carte de visite is identified on its reverse side as George S. West. Based on the pictured helmet plate, he appears to have been
a member of the Derbyshire Regiment (
the Sherwood Foresters). This, combined with the Gibraltar location, offers the possible identification of
this soldier as No. 2150 Private George West of the 2nd Battalion, the Derbyshire Regiment (the Sherwood Foresters).

The 2/Derbyshires were posted to Gibraltar just prior to taking part in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882. Unfortunately George West's service
papers have proved elusive, although he is listed in the two medal rolls associated with the Egyptian Campaign. The roll for the Egypt Medal
shows his entitlement to that medal without clasp which indicates that he did not take part in the campaign's primary action at Tel-El-Kebir. The
roll for the Khedive's Star confirms West's presentation of that bronze award also.

No other information concerning No. 2150 Private George West has been found.

Carte de Visite
Porral - Photographer
Main Street, Gibraltar
c. 1882
Left: A closeup detail showing the 1881 other ranks pattern helmet
plate of the Derbyshire Regiment (The Sherwood Foresters).
Below: The carte's reverse side showing the pencil inscription
identifying the photograph's subject.