Carte de Visite
Mrs. Williams - Photographer
Talbot Place, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton, England
c. 1875

Based on the style of this photograph's mount and an 1875 dated album that contained identical styled cards by Mrs. Williams
my assumtion is that this image depicts an young Englishman who was in the service of the Khedive of Egypt prior to the
Arabi Rebellion which took place in 1881.

Although I am not certain I believe that this yooung looking man may have been a member of the Egyptian Civil Service -
such as the Customs Service - as opposed to the Egyptian Army. At the time a large number of Europeans and Americans
held commissions in department of the Egyptian Government. The sitter was in all likelihood visiting family in the
Wolverhampton vicinity when he commemorated the visit with this uniformed portrait. Unfortunately he failed to sign the
carte so we will probably never know who he was.