The carte de visite was submitted by Mr. Carl Berrington and depicts his great grandfather No. 1919 Rifleman Alfred
Berrington of the 1st Battalion, The Prince Consorts Own (The Rifle Brigade).

Mr. Berrington has kindly provided the following information regarding his great grandfather.

Alfred was born in Leomnster, Herefordshire in 1870. He joined the rifle brigade in 1891 and was posted to Belfast, Ireland in
1891. Then posted to India in 1892. His service there included duty along the Northwest Frontier.  He was then posted to
Hong Kong from 1894 until 1897.  According to his service papers he was medically discharged in 1897 due to "valve disease
of  heart.

He was well enough to get married a short two months after discharge . His wife being lady companion to Lady Leslie, the wife
of Lord Leslie.

Former rifleman Alfred Berrington died at the age of 71 in 1941.

Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
Hong Kong
c. 1896