Cabinet Photograph
Russell & Sons - Photographer
43 Osborne Road, Southsea

This beautiful portrait was supplied by Mr. Robb Mitchell and depicts a member of his family whose name has unfortunately
been lost through the passing almost a century

Although dating from the World War One era it is fascinating on many levels. The cabinet photograph format had gone out of
style some time before advent of the First World War so it is a bit unusual to see such a classic example of the style at this
late date.

This man whose family name may have been Cowan, wears the uniform of a Lieutenant of the East Yorkshire Regiment and
appear to be wearing the ribbon for the Military Cross. Bellow the regimental badges on his tunic's lapels are those denoting
membership in a pioneer battalion which Mr Mitchell suspects may have been the 6th Battalion of the East Yorks. He also
wears three service stripes on his sleeve.
Harrison Cowan, C sub section, Machine Gun
Corps, World War One. To my eye there is more
than a passing familiar resemblance between
this man and the above depicted Lieutenant.