Trumpeter John James Hannah of the 13th Hussars in pictured here with his sister Mary Ellen Hannah sometime in the early 1900s, possibly just prior to the 13th Hussars
deployment to India in 1904. This cabinet photograph and others posted here were kindly submitted by Trumpeter Hannah's grandson, Mr. Robert Smeaton.

Cabinet Photograph
J.W. Sylvetser - Photographer
Mansfield, England
c. 1904
Above: Illustrating the perfect posture of a British cavalryman Trumpeter Hannah poses for the camera in this undated photograph. The image also
shows the Pattern 1885 cavalry sword suspended from its saddle scabbard..
Above and Below: The front and reverse sides of a photograph sent by Trumpeter Hannah to his father at Christmastime in an unspecified year. He inscribed it: " To my
dear father, from your loving son. 6708 Tptr Hannah, A Squadron, 13th Hrs. India." Several men wear the Queen's and King's South Africa Medals for service during the
Anglo-Boer War. Also note the very young trumpeter seated front row center along with a regimental mascot. The drummer standing center wears the leopard skin which
protected his uniform form his drum. Trumpeter Hannah is pictured fifth row back, third from left.
Above: Another image depicting the band of the 13th Hussars. Trumpeter Hannah is seen seated front row right next to the bass fiddle. It is
interesting to note that while Hannah was a regimental trumpeter while he performed with the regimental band he appears to have played the
clarinet. By the time this photograph was taken Hannah had earned two good conduct stripes as well as he badges for expert marksmanship
and swordsmanship all of which are visible on his left cuff.
Above: Trumpeter Hannah pictured here standing next to a lance corporal of an unidentified infantry battalion someplace in India.
Hannah's good conduct stripes and qualification badges are clearly seen in this view.
Above: Trumpeters of the 13th Hussars in India. Trumpeter Hannah is standing far right. The officer in white seated center wears a black
crepe morning band on his arm. The photograph is much too late fro this to be in memory of Queen Victoria's passing but is possibly in
honor of King Edward VII who died in 1910.
Above: Trumpeter Hannah in khaki field service uniform someplace in India. The 13th Hussars spent the duration of their deployment in India performing
garrison duty and saw no active service in the field.
Above: The final photograph of Trumpeter John James Hannah taken sometime just prior to World War One. Seated next to him is his wife the former Miss Ellen Georgina
Hough. According to Robert Smeaton Hannah served at batman to a Major Cox during the Great War. Having served  with the colours for many years prior to the war
Hannah would have been one of the so-called "Old Contemptibles" - Britain's small pre-war professional army that was the subject of the Kaiser's much misplaced scorn but
that suffered such devastating casualties during the first part of the war. Hannah's medal index card shows him having arrived in France on 15 December 1914 and being
entitled to  the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the World War One Victory Medal. The medal rolls also state that he was placed in Class Z reserve on 15 April 1919.